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did ok on my midterm I think so there’s that

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would’ve liked to be in bed by midnight but I can still get almost 7 hours of sleep I guess

and I still don’t feel prepared at all for this midterm so I’m really hoping the professor doesn’t suddenly screw us over with weird questions (there’s stuff we spent a class or two on that totally wasn’t in the homework and so I only very very loosely understand it) and that I don’t lock up and mess up the easy ones :|

not really happy at all with the amount of studying I got done for tomorrow’s midterm compared to the immense amount of free time I had today/this weekend

gonna study for another hour and sleep and hope for the best

it’s not gonna be terrible but I’ll likely lock up and make easy mistakes and I’m scared

ok now I have to do laundry so until that’s done I’m wearing that dress shirt and tie with basketball shorts, clearly the image of professionalism

I mean I’m only leaving my room to get into the elevator, walk into the laundry room, and then go back but


it is me, who is both very tired and very green today

it is me, who is both very tired and very green today

annoyed about how little I got done this weekend especially as I have a midterm on Tuesday and wasn’t able to do the practice exam we’ll be going over in class i morrow :|

and I didn’t catch up on sleep at all either which was a ridiculously foolish thing to let happen given the past week

but I can sleep now and it’s barely past 1, so… maybe there’s that, for tonight

and hopefully I can dedicate like all of tomorrow to studying at least

well today’s gone about as badly as I expected

aaaaah it’s almost 1 so time to rush and get food and then get started on everything I need to finish/study

I really needed yesterday to have gone better but if I can actually focus today might just be a lot of work but not necessarily stressful

if I can focus