Heroic Weeb Empire

ughhhh I need to get up it’s approaching noon already

after I get lunch I’m gonna get submit this assignment and then do laundry, I guess?

I’ll play MGS while I wait on laundry but after that it’s time to start playing around with Unity for the first time in years so I can see if I can plan out working on this game in a manageable way…

played Melee with friends for most of the night and now I’m gonna play a little more DR and then sleep

not sure if I’m happy with how I spent today (I really should have multitasked more while doing tedious things, at least) as though it was kinda relaxing I might look back on this when things get busy very soon and regret not playing/watching other things instead…

in any case, tomorrow will be making sure the little homework I have is properly submitted, probably doing laundry, and then looking into whether participating in Ruin Jam over the next two weeks is an actual thing I can pull off with the amount of homework on the horizon…

spent most of the day doing School Mode in DR and I’m not close to being done still…

I think in a bit I’ll put this aside for another time (maybe even after SDR2); if I play more games today, I really should get back to MGS instead

I like this lazy long weekend but it’ll make getting into doing real work that much harder…

also my sister consistently takes really great/hilarious snapchat selfies with Nico and wtf, is that how you’re supposed to get him to behave for a picture…

watched Stardust with friends at friend’s apartment and that was a p. ok movie which we sorta immediately ripped on the plot holes of

then I ended up getting shown how to do things in Ingress by a friend and friend-of-friends that I hadn’t met till tonight and that was pretty neat

aaaaand now I’m gonna finish DR yeah



If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share



If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

went to Target with friends and got stuff and likely spent too much money on things but ok I have some stuff I needed now

I’m gonna take some notes and then try to finish DR before hanging out tonight happens, I guess

ok now I wasted all morning…

gonna get lunch and finish DR and take a ton of US Gov notes

…that’s assuming no one else is around and wants to do things but yeah

I mean I think meeting people with similar interests will really Help but also meeting a ton of new people at once can be a lil stressful at times and that’s not helping and aaaaaah

debating whether it’s worth getting up now and trying to make it to an Alliance meeting; I got ~8 hours of sleep but also only ~8 hours of sleep… and as much as I’d like to go, I dunno if I’m up for it today to begin with, and from next week on it’ll be later in the day and therefore more doable for me anyway…

…I wanted to stop hesitating on these things because it’s almost always without merit but I still suck at that, oops

guess I’ll indulge that one more time and either sleep a bit more or get to finishing DR… next week I’ll go, though!!